Rex is a real cutie. He was so upset when his family lost their home and were unable to keep him. He is wondering what the heck happened. He knows he was a good boy and doesn’t understand why his family left him behind.

Iris (our director) said she would bring him into our rescue until he could find another family to love him. He is in foster care right now but….their cats are not too thrilled with Rexi being there. pres. He isn’t doing anything wrong they just don’t want any dogs around. So….we would love to find him his own home really soon.

When he came for his photoshoot he was very stressed.  Having said that we went for a nice walk (easy walk harness). Rex walked nicely right next to me like I asked him too. By the time we were finished I saw a completely different dog. He was happy, playful and very relaxed. Amazing what a nice walk will do.

We can’t guess what Rex’s mix is…he is a small dog who weighs about 20-25 pounds. His coat is very soft and shiny but as you can see from the photos he has some little white hairs on his face, the tip of his tail, and some on his legs. The vet said he is probably about 6 years old. He is neutered and fully vaccinated.

Rexie would enjoy a family that will walk him, has calm energy, and a fenced in yard where he could explore. He is fine with other dogs but as we all know your existing dog would have to approve. It is really their decision when bringing another dog into the home. We don’t know about young children but think he would do well with dog savvy children over the age of 10.

If you think you may have the right home for Rexie and would love him forever please email Iris at