Rocco- Very loyal, and handsome.

Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsHouse trained

Rocco, is looking for his special family to adopt him. We thought we found one, but it didn’t work out. Rocco has special needs, one being a fenced backyard where he can play fetch, which is his passion in life. A quiet home and neighborhood, and an all adult home. What we know about Rocco’s background is his Dad died and his Mom couldn’t take care of him, so she gave him to relatives. Some how he got out of their yard and went for a walk and ended up in the Philly shelter. His family never came to claim him even after they knew where he was (so sad for Rocco). WJVA brought him to our rescue from the shelter so we could find him a home.  Rocco needs a foster home while he waits for his forever home. He is living in our partner boarding kennel and our volunteers take care of him everyday. But…. he needs more.

Rocco is 7 yrs old, and in good health. He enjoys his walks and his squeak tennis balls. He would make a wonderful companion for anyone.  Once he knows who loves him he bonds quickly and will love you for life.

Please share Rocco’s story, so we can find a foster/adopter for him. He would do best as the only dog, and can not live with cats. He does like other dogs, but he would benefit as an only dog. Email: for more information about Rocco.  He has been waiting a long time.  We know there is a perfect home for him.  Is it yours?

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