About Us

Our Background


West Jersey Volunteers for Animals (WJVA) is an all-volunteer group formed in 1998 by four volunteers determined to improve life quality, medical care, and adoption rates for the 2,200 animals that passed through West Jersey Animal Shelter each year.

In four short years, our group dramatically decreased euthanasia rates at the shelter. We are very gratified that our work, along with generous public support, helped save over 700 orphaned animals each year for the past eight years.  We also substantially increased

fundraisingmedical care at the shelter, spending thousands of dollars annually to save sick and injured animals that would otherwise be euthanized. We provided vaccinations,  spaying and neutering

We provided shelter animals daily exercise and affection and organized events and promoted animal adoptions.

Who We Are Today


Still Saving Lives In January 2006, West Jersey Animal Shelter was forced to close due to a drastic need for repairs. While our group is very dismayed at the loss, we have not lost our passion to help and save homeless animals. We all know there are still thousands of suffering animals out there that need our help! Our group is still strong with 20 to 30 active volunteers with years of experience providing homeless animals with affection, exercise, medical care, foster homes, training, and publicity. And during the last eight years, our group gained a great deal of wonderful contacts and support in the areas of general animal care, veterinary care, pet grooming and boarding, training, resolution of pet behavior problems, food donations, and fund-raising. We are dedicated to carry on our work on behalf of homeless and suffering animals.